Next POA Meeting is Thursday Nov 21, 2019 6:30pm at the Cassie Community Center


Speed Limit Changed to 25mph


The speed limit has been reduced from 

35 to 25 mph for all roads in Cassie Subdivision, effective 11/03/19.

Burn Ban Lifted


Burnet County currently has no burn ban. Current burn ban status can be found at 

Know Before You Go


The Burnet County Sheriff’s Dept. recently notified us of current rules pertaining to use of "Off-Highway Vehicles" (Golf Carts, ATVs, etc.) on public roads.

TXDMV rules state that, in general, only registered/titled vehicles are allowed on public roads.  Exceptions are being made at a local (city/county) level for certain vehicles under certain conditions - such as Golf Carts (with a max speed of 15-25 mph), equipped w/lights, brakes, etc. (more info at:)

For Burnet (the Cassie neighborhood jurisdiction) we've been informed that ATVs in particular, while not allowed on public roads per se, have been tolerated - as long as they keep to the posted speed limits, and obey all other pertinent DMV rules (such as age of rider, lighting, flagging, etc.) while on public roads. The driver of an ATV or golf cart must possess a current driver’s license.

We urge all ATV owners to follow this guidance in Cassie, as we were told that otherwise citations and potential stricter enforcement (ATVs no longer being "tolerated" in Cassie) could be consequences enforced by the Sheriff’s Dept..

Loose Animals


Please Note:  Cassie POA requires dogs to be kept on a leash or behind a secured fenced area.   Be a good neighbor and pet owner.  Do not allow your animals to run free in the neighborhood.     Violations should be reported to animal control.  (512) 756-8080




During our last annual meeting, we were excited to see and hear neighbors who are eager to get involved in the improvement/development/well being of our neighborhood.  As a result, a new committee is being formed.   If you are interested drop us a line at the email provide on the bottom of this website.  

Boat Dock Approval By POA


Contact Cassie POA Prior To Any Build.  See  Rules and Regulation  Section on this Website.

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