Next POA Meeting is Thurs, Feb 20th, 2020 6:30pm at the Cassie Community Center



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1) What do you do if you see vehicles being driven on the Cassie beaches or water front areas in violation of the State law?

Call one of the following numbers: Burnet County Sheriff at 512-756-8080 Game Warden Keith at 325-423-2722, Ronnie Landford at 512-755-5208, Bren Whitus at 512-755-5209 or the LCRA at 866-527-2267

2)When and how can a POA member get to the lakeshore?

A person may transit to and from the 1020' elevation in Cassie under an exemption provided for the purposes of conducting maintenance, launching a small boat, fishing and swimming.  Off water members can enter via one of the POA Parks.  Moving around (parallel) the lake bed is not allowed.  See question above for what to do when you see the violation.

3) Who ownes the property below the 1020' elevation?

The POA owns the property from the 1020' elevation to the original river bed.

4) I am a waterfront property owner.  Who owns the property between my plated property line and the 1020' elevation?

Through a deed with the descendants of the original owner of Cassie the property was deeded to the POA.  No permanent structure is to be placed without POA approval.

5)  Who is allowed on POA prepoerty?

Members in good standing and guest.